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Creativity Coaching

Jeanne Hillson, Principal Muse, is skilled at guiding individuals through transitions and helping them to

  • break through creative blocks
  • generate fresh insights and alternatives, and
  • deliberately create desired change.

Through graduate training at the Institute for Creative Studies in Buffalo, NY, Jeanne explored creativity theory and a variety of researched approaches to developing creative behavior. She later studied Creativity Coaching under Jill Badonsky and Eric Maisel. She is especially sensitive to the dynamics of the non-linear creative process, and shares tools and techniques that open stuck places, inspire self-expression, and facilitate change.

She works with people wanting to create change in their lives and/or explore their creative potential for the first time — as well as established artists — through personal meetings, phone conversations, and/or email correspondence.

To learn more, call Jeanne at 919-932-7234 or

send her an email.