Apply Imagination Brillian Solutions--On Purpose!


Committing to Create :

A Ten-week Adventure to Awaken and Encourage

Your Innate Creativity

Get ready for a deep and exciting group coaching expedition.
Join us if you want to:

    • get support in seriously applying your creative spirit to a project or exploration

    • make progress through a creative stuck place or drought

    • learn to navigate the terrain of your personal creative process

    • practice tools and strategies to address your creative challenges

    • gain confidence in working with/through any blocks or resistance

We will begin by looking at criteria for a meaningful project and how to fully commit to your creative expression.

As participants make weekly progress, the group will celebrate advances and also address the various sabotaging demons we encounter: fears, negative self-talk, idea blocks, energy deficits, and more.

As you move forward, you'll share your process, your work, your observations with one another. You'll also receive challenges, insights, individual assignments, and other catalyzing adventures from a trained and experienced Creativity Coach.

Target audience:

This support group is open to Muse group alumnae and other creators, per discussion with Jeanne Hillson.

Meeting time and dates:

Our next group will begin soon. Check back or join our email list for announcements.

If you're interested in organizing or hosting a Committing to Create group of your friends, contact Jeanne at 617-576-2427 to discuss.


Committing to Create costs $300.00 for ten two-hour sessions.

Flexible payment plans are possible.


Have questions?  Want more details?  

Call Jeanne Hillson at 617,576 AHAs  (617-576-2427) or email