Apply Imagination Brillian Solutions--On Purpose!


The Great Idea! Factory™

This world of accelerating change constantly challenges us to think and act in more flexible, more creative ways. Unfortunately, as "socialized" adults, we've all developed automatic patterns and habits that too often limit our perspectives and block our access to the fresh insights and innovative answers we need.

In this session, we'll explore the creative process and play with some proven techniques guaranteed to help you break through these common patterns and habits.



Whether you're working on a personal issue, a work decision, a marketing strategy, or an art project, at the Great Idea! Factory™

you will:

  •  energize your imagination
  •  rethink the way you think
  •  play and network with other smart people
  •  try some proven techniques to generate new ideas
  •  leave with at least one fresh insight--guaranteed!



The Great Idea! Factory™ can be scheduled for one to three hours. These engaging and memorable sessions are available

  •  for in-house teams
  •  as conference presentations
  •  for private parties and gatherings
  •  as public events.

Call Jeanne at 919-932-7234 to discuss possibilities!



Public Schedule

The next public Great Idea! Factory will take place soon.

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