Apply Imagination Brillian Solutions--On Purpose!


Seeing Opportunities, Generating Alternatives: A Course in Creative Problem-solving

This highly interactive session provides innovative and practical tools to help you deal more positively, effectively and creatively with any challenge or decision that you, your family, or your organization may face.   We will work (and play) with the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem-Solving Process and a variety of   idea-generation techniques, and apply these to hypothetical and actual challenges in the group.

Come explore proven ways to uncover, enjoy and productively apply your imagination and intuition in your work and in your personal life.



This workshop will help you

  • Gain insight into the creative process
  • Learn ways to unblock and see new perspectives
  • Untangle and clearly define problems and decisions
  • Generate lots of potential solutions quickly and easily
  • Learn how to evaluate your most appropriate ideas
  • Design realistic action plans that anticipate and avoid potential obstacles



Seeing Opportunities, Generating Alternatives is available as a one-day workshop or a six-week series of 1.5-hour sessions.



Public sessions will be posted soon.

To discuss a customized workshop, call Jeanne Hillson at 919-932-7234 or email